I know, I know we are all sick of hearing about Covid-19 and although I posted on our Facebook page, I feel I should post our policy on breeding during this time as I’m being inundated with requests and applications for a puppy right now. We will absolutely not be breeding during the pandemic.  There […]

Well the bigs and their people packed up and headed down from Ontario to Kalamazoo, MI once again to attend UKC Premier! Premier is a big deal for us, we consider it to be something like AKC’s Westminster, only UKC based.  It is an annual event and ALL of the UKC sports are offered in […]

For those of you following along with our journey on Facebook, you’ll know that we have had the privilege of raising Taylak Alaskan Klee Kai’s Cocktail litter. These little guys came into the world on April 6th which was an adventure in and of itself but the adventure didn’t stop there. Mojito, Caesar, and Julep […]