Alaskan Klee Kai Specific

We encourage you to continue your research when it comes to Alaskan Klee Kai.  In addition to the links below, check out the Alaskan Klee Kai Canada Page on Facebook for information on monthly meet-ups within the GTA; these events are great for meeting the breed, as well as other owners.

These links are Alaskan Klee Kai specific and contain a wealth of knowledge.  It is important to note that there are a number of scams and backyard breeders when it comes to any breed, including Alaskan Klee Kai.  Please do your homework and no matter where your search to find the newest addition to your family takes you, be sure that you choose a breeder that is reputable.


We wouldn’t be here without the guidance and direction of our mentors June Demers and Zena Campbell.  Please check out their pages for additional information regarding the breed.


Here at Dara Realta, we love to train and are always looking for ideas on how we can enrich our dogs and broaden our horizons with respect to training.  The following links have been helpful at one time or another and we hope that you continue to bond with your dog and find these links as helpful as we have in the past.

We love to see Alaskan Klee Kai succeed.  Consider working toward the following:


We take great pride in our program and strive to uphold the UKC Breeder’s Code of Ethics.

We take the health of our dogs and puppies very seriously and take great care that our dogs are health tested in accordance with the Canine Health Information Centre.  Information on this program can be found here.

In addition to health testing, we strive to ensure that our dogs are fed a species appropriate diet that does not contain fillers or preservatives.  Big Country Raw helps us keep the dogs at a healthy weight with soft shiny coats and clean teeth!  Information on the raw diet we feed can be found here.

Lastly, we raise every puppy in our home following the Puppy Culture protocols.  To learn more about Puppy Culture, please check out their website, here.