What to Expect

If chosen to bring home a Dara Realta Puppy, your puppy will leave our home with the following:

Puppy Culture Raised:

Puppy Culture is a program designed by Jane Killion that we follow closely here at Dara Realta.  The program promotes that animals raised in enriched environments have been shown to have physiological changes compared to animals raised in standard environments.  As a result of these changes, puppies can gain intellectual and emotional benefits which is documented as improved ability to learn and remember, heightened emotional stability, and an increased resiliency to stress.  It is very important to us that our puppies are balanced and happy members of your home, willing to participate in family activities, and that they do so with enrichment-seeking drive.  While raising your puppy is ultimately a life long journey, we want to ensure that your new family member is off to the best start possible.

UKC Registered:

All puppies will be registered with the United Kennel Club (UKC).

Up-To-Date Vaccines:

Every puppy will be current on their vaccine schedule based on their age at the time they transition to their new home.  All puppies will receive their DHPP vaccines prior to leaving our home.  If a puppy stays longer than 16 weeks of age, we will ensure they have their rabies vaccine before they leave our home.

Microchip Implanted: 

We will ensure that each puppy has his/her microchip implanted and registered.  We will be listed as an alternate contact in the event of an emergency to ensure that your puppy is safe and happy until he/she can be returned to you.

Health Tested Parents: 

All of the Alaskan Klee Kai residing at Dara Realta will be CHIC certified before breeding.  This includes health check-ups relating to cardiac health, patellas, thyroid and eyes.

Health Warranty:

At Dara Realta, we take the health of our dogs very seriously and we offer a health guarantee on all of our puppies against genetic anomalies that may occur.

Crate Training Beginnings:

As we mentioned, we want our puppies to have the best start possible when heading to their new homes.  Your puppy will have started crate training prior to leaving our home and we encourage you to continue this process to provide your puppy with a safe place to be when you’re not able to be with him/her.

Puppy Care Package:

We couldn’t possibly send your puppy home empty handed; all puppies will be sent home with a care package which will include some items to get your puppy started at home. These items will depend on availability, but may include a blanket/crate mat with the smell of their mom, siblings and first home, chew toy to help keep them occupied, a sample of the food they have been started on, leash, and collar.


We want you to know that the relationship doesn’t end when you take your puppy home and that we are here to support you. We have gone through the sleepless nights while potty training.  We have been there and understand the difficulty of a crying Klee Kai in a crate. Whether by phone, email, Facebook, or if you’re close enough – in person, you can always count on us to be there to support you on your journey with your Alaskan Klee Kai.  Obviously, sometimes life happens, but we will always make our best effort to get back to you and assist as quickly and efficiently as we possibly can.  Additionally, we would love to hear about your puppy’s adventures from time to time and we want to see them grow and flourish with their new families.