BISS MBIMBS MRBIMBS CDN CH. AI NN USA UFA AC PTE URO1 EGCH’PR’ Taylak Straight on til Morning SPOT CGN RUNN NTD ATD ITD, or Maeve, came to the King household in the fall of 2015 and this place hasn’t been the same since.

Maeve is the little spitfire that makes us smile and laugh with her silly antics every day.  From a goofy look of mischief, to taking her photograph and ending up with hilarious results, life around Maeve is never a dull moment.

Maeve loves to GO FAST! Everything she does, she does with absolute purpose in her own frenetic way.  While Maeve is slightly shyer than her half-brother, Jace, she is a well-rounded Klee Kai that is affectionate and smart.  She has shown a fondness for learning new things, and once she picks up on a new game its ON!   When Maeve came home to live with us, we proudly co-owned her with June Demers of Taylak Alaskan Klee Kai.  Recently, it was decided that Maeve would be our foundation bitch and we could not be happier to have this girl help us on our Klee Kai journey.

Maeve will continue to work hard in the conformation ring, practice her obedience skills, as well as compete in the faster sports in the future!

You can see information regarding Maeve’s OFA, here.

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Multiple Best In Show Winner

Multiple Reserve Best in Show Winner

Multiple Total Dog Award Winner

Canadian Kennel Club Canine Good Neighbour

SPOT (UKC Socialized Pet Obedience Test)

Show Champion

United Rally Obedience 1

Pre-Trial Novice (Nosework)

Pre-Trial Advanced (Nosework)

Novice Container (Nosework)

2016 All-Breed International Dog Show (ABI) Top Dog in Breed

United Flat Racing Aptitude Test

United Steeplechase Aptitude Test

Pre-Trial Superior (Nosework)

Pre-Trial Master (Nosework)

Pre-Trial Elite (Nosework)

Advanced Container

2017 All-Breed International Dog Show (ABI) #8 dog overall

Novice Interior (Nosework)

Grand Champion

2018 UKC Top Ten #7 dog in breed

2018 All-Breed International Dog Show (ABI) Top Dog in Breed

2019 Best In National Specialty (AKKAOA Event held at UKC Premier)

Novice Sprinter (Precision Coursing)

Canadian Champion (All-Breed International Dog Shows)

Novice Exterior (Nosework)

Novice Vehicle (Nosework)

Novice Nosework

Novice Trick Dog

Advanced Interior (Nosework)

Emerald Grand Champion (First in breed!)

2019  UKC Top Ten #2 dog in breed

Advanced Trick Dog

Intermediate Trick Dog