I know, I know we are all sick of hearing about Covid-19 and although I posted on our Facebook page, I feel I should post our policy on breeding during this time as I’m being inundated with requests and applications for a puppy right now.

We will absolutely not be breeding during the pandemic.  There are a number of reasons for this, below are the main two:

  1. We are not an essential service. The breeding program is my hobby and like many of you out there I’m at home, off work, baking bread, and feeling uncertain about the future.
  2. We place a very high value on sending home well-socialized and adjusted puppies.  It is nearly impossible for us to follow our socialization protocols right now and that is just something I am not willing to compromise on.

We hope that once this pandemic has passed and we are all used to our new normal, we will get back to breeding and our dog related activities which we are missing dearly.  We do continue to maintain a waitlist, but we will not have any available litters for the foreseeable future.

I encourage everyone to follow along on facebook and instagram for updates from time to time.  I truly appreciate your interest in our program.


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