First in Canada!

For those of you following along with our journey on Facebook, you’ll know that we have had the privilege of raising Taylak Alaskan Klee Kai’s Cocktail litter. These little guys came into the world on April 6th which was an adventure in and of itself but the adventure didn’t stop there.

Mojito, Caesar, and Julep have been a joy to have around the house and we have been having a blast teaching them the ropes of being a well-balanced pet. It is amazing to see these little guys learn new things and show us that we have made the right decision to raise all of our litters following the Puppy Culture protocols.

The protocols that we follow through this program help us teach these little puppies that the world doesn’t need to be a scary place – or if it is how to cope with those fears in a positive manner, be problem solvers, outgoing, and enrichment seeking puppies.

As a result of our work with these little guys we have officially been listed as the 1st Canadian AKK breeder on the Puppy Culture breeder map!

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